Optimize your margin.

Expand your mission.

Sustain your culture.

Capta elevates the collective knowledge of your team to effectively navigate the RCM landscape and achieve true performance optimization.

The New Path

Capta is your Chief Performance Optimization Officer – a contingency-based revenue lift through Precision Optimization and Performance Improvement.

As a new-path revenue ecosystem company, Capta combines internal optimization with skilled vendor management for optimal revenue ecosystem performance, allowing non-profit healthcare systems to achieve strong financial outcomes without compromising their culture.


Achieve the margin performance that you need in order to keep healthcare local.

Risk-Free Performance Improvement

Capta makes the necessary investments to help you improve financial outcomes, and we share the upside.

Preserve your Culture

Achieve better financial results while preserving your community-focused values.

Capta helps providers solve today’s challenges across their entire revenue ecosystem.

Why Capta?

A True Fiduciary Partner

Capta aligns its engagements for mutual success, with contracts featuring commissions based on the provider’s actual financial gains.

Full-Spectrum Revenue Ecosystem Optimization Expertise

Seasoned expertise from both the provider and vendor segment.

Bespoke Solutions

Capta customizes advice based on each provider’s distinct strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, technologies, and processes.

Retain Culture

Capta proves that providers can achieve outstanding financial performance without sacrificing culture, people, or community ties.

Care and Attention

Capta’s top executives are directly engaged with clients, prioritizing careful partner selection to deliver the highest expertise for exceptional revenue ecosystem performance.

Technology/Vendor Agnostic

Capta curates solutions based on the best fit for each provider’s unique circumstances and optimization journey.

Continuous Optimization

Unlike end-to-end vendors, Capta continually seeks new ways to optimize performance, as a fiduciary.

De-Risked Engagements

Capta eliminates up front risk by working strictly in a fee-for-performance model. Payments aligned with realized results.


Capta’s “no dust” policy means our partnerships include hands-on execution support for practical performance gains, not just theoretical plans.


By combining deep RCM ops and vendor-segment experience, Capta is uniquely positioned to help providers identify the optimal paths for innovation, make the best build/buy decisions, select the best-fit technologies and support on-going optimization.

Time Savings, Reduced Effort and Information

Capta helps health system leaders save time and effort by staying current with Revenue Ecosystem optimization strategies and technologies, serving as a fiduciary extension of their executive team.

Responsiveness, Expertise and Commitment

As a bespoke solutions provider, Capta guarantees continuous high-level access to top talent from for exceptional delivery to its partners.

Why Providers choose Capta

Health systems increasingly rely on vendors to deliver the technologies and resources necessary for management of the revenue ecosystem. By serving as a unique fiduciary, Capta bridges the gap between all constituents, creating tight coordination between internal and external teams.

We have a “no dust” policy. Where consultants draft strategy documents and leave them behind to collect dust, Capta’s partnerships include full execution support, ensuring practical performance gains, not just theoretical projections.

“Capta helped Presbyterian identify and act on opportunities we knew existed but were never able to fully achieve during day-to-day operations. While Presbyterian was already a leader in revenue cycle performance nationally, Capta enabled us to track a 3% annual lift in NPR. In addition to achieving valuable results, Capta truly acts as an extension of our team and shares our commitment to a positive patient experience.”

– JIM NOBLE, Chief Financial Officer
Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Let us help you architect a cohesive approach across the internal and external partners you need to drive the performance you want.

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Capta elevates the collective knowledge of your team to effectively navigate the RCM ecosystem and achieve true performance optimization

We only get paid on the improvements we deliver.