In a true partnership the client sets the goals and objectives.

Bespoke revenue cycle solutions

Seasoned expertise and exceptional execution support

Consulting, Training, Execution
Strategic Planning
Technology Services
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Capta brings best practice guidance with intelligence from both provider and vendor segment

Capta can even supply talent to execute the plan

Capta not only develops strategic plans but also drives effective execution

Capta will help you interface with the vendor community for optimized execution

Navigating the common challenges of end to end outsourcing

The financial security that big E2E players promise often comes at the cost of company culture and identity

This approach can also reduce access to cutting edge innovation in the marketplace

Once a provider is locked in with a big E2E player it can be difficult to return to an in-house operation


Capta breaks free of the false dichotomy of E2E outsourcing by giving providers a way to gain the benefits of E2E outsourcing without compromising culture, identity or innovation.

“The healthcare industry is at a precipice. Our old financial model is dead. To thrive, we must transform our view of the revenue cycle from a tactical necessity to a strategic advantage. This requires radically leveling-up how we engage across the continuum of internal and external resources to ensure excellence in performance and alignment with consumer-driven outcomes.”

-Sabrina Mapes, CEO

Capta offers providers a third option:

Preserve mission integrity while achieving 99th percentile RCM performance.

Capta is your revenue ecosystem intermediary

Best fit identification, negotiation, rate reduction, implementation, integration, monitoring, optimization
Patient Satisfaction

48% of health system revenue cycle operations are experiencing severe labor shortages (Janus).
Staffing shortages are leading to delayed billing and collections, increased errors, higher denial rates and increased compliance risk.

  • Capta provides the expert talent that providers need to achieve peak financial performance.
  • Capta serves as an intermediary to the vendor landscape, curating partner eco-systems for each client to ensure optimal integration and ongoing, peak performance.
  • Capta offers bespoke, de-risked engagements that mitigate the challenges associated with large end-to-end vendors.
  • Capta works to ensure that vendors maintain performance over time.

An extensive analysis by McKinsey estimated that over half the healthcare industry’s projected profit pool by 2027, some $450 billion of EBITDA, could be at risk in the coming years.

Providers face unprecedented challenges due to rising interest rates, inflation, increases in the number of self-pay patients, declining patient volumes, changes in payer mix (including increases in uninsured and underinsured patients); higher expenses related to labor, supply chain or other expenditures; workforce disruptions; and supply shortages and disruptions.

  • Capta brings an NPR lift between 4.0% and 6.5%
  • As a full-spectrum company Capta is able to help providers navigate financial challenges with solutions ranging from revenue capture and cost optimization to process optimization.
  • Capta gives providers access to and integration support with every technology and service offering available in the RCM continuum that can improve performance on both sides of the accounting picture, and it does so without forcing providers to compromise their mission or culture.

Patients that report being fully satisfied with their billing experience are 95% likely to return for future service and 82% likely to refer a friend. However, these drop to just 58% and 15% for patients that report being dissatisfied with their billing experience. – Advisory Board

  • Deeply experienced in both RCM operations and vendor functions, Capta has the ability to assist providers in every dimension of patient-facing RCM activities.  
  • With Capta’s commitment to supporting and preserving each provider’s mission and community relationship, patient satisfaction never has to take a back seat to financial performance.  
  • Capta is a both/and solution providing HCO leaders with true “third option” – never compromising patient experience or provider culture for the providers financial security.
Capta believes in the heart of the American healthcare system – community providers supporting community populations. We believe that mission preservation OR financial performance is a false dichotomy. Providers deserve BOTH.

Capta has the ability to assist providers in every dimension of RCM activities. Additionally, with Capta’s commitment to supporting and preserving each provider’s mission, culture and community relationship, patient satisfaction never has to take a back seat to financial performance. Capta is a ‘both/and’ solution providing HCO leaders with a true third option – never compromising patient experience for the provider’s financial security.

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